The Notre Dame Cathedral Spire Will Rise to the Occasion of the Divine Mother’s Inspirational Tour

The Divine Mother announced her presence on the planet Earth in October 2019. Her mission is to bring the Divine Feminine through, so people honor the soul and She’ll provide the CU gateway for the soul to become ready for the Divine realm, and birth the Divine Human Family The announcement was heard by many pysches who were spiritully in tuned with her and who never lost faith in the Divine redemption and nature of this planet.

Our planetary survival was on hold, threatened by destruction from wars, storms, fires, unusual events, i.e. an approaching pandemic at the time.  In April 2019 under mysterious circumstances Notre Dame Cathedral’s threat of destruction by fire was miraculously defused whereby only the famous spire and led roof were destroyed.

Humanity has noticed the Divine Mother’s miracles occurring since then, for over the last 4-5 years and appreciates how blessed this planet is to have Her living here.

Just when the Divine Mother will be touring Europe, including Paris, the Notre Dame’s spire will rise to the occasion in 2024.  It’s being restored.

It’s about time to stop complaining and start showing your gratitude and acknowledging Her presence with reverence by simply bowing your head when She makes an appearance.

Some will be guide to study at CU and vow loyalty and reverance to the Divine Mother who will then ignite their Divine Spark.  And a magnificent reality will beginning for those who have made their vows. 

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