Certification Program

Skills Certification Program

Classes and Job Training will Leading to Skills Certification.

Once you’re accepted into the Skills Certification Program simply

Register for Classes and learn the skills necessary in the Certification Program to pass the Skills Certification Exam (there’s a fee for the Certification Exam) in the following areas:

  1. Transportation – Pilot, Transportation Controller, Train Driver-Engineer, RTE- Release Train Engineering, Conductor/Engineer
  2. Travel and Tour Industry – Tour Agent & Guide, Flight & Travel Managers and Attendants
  3. Community and Transportation Construction and Infrastructure – Planning & Development
  4. Facility Management Services – Managerial, Construction, Utilities, Janitorial & Landscaping Services
  5. Utilities Industries – Phone, Wifi, Internet/cable, Electrician,Plumber
  6. Business Management – Accounting, Economics and Finances
  7. Food Management and Agricultural Development
  8. Education – Teacher, Administrator
  9. Carieliin Law School and Enforcement Training
  10. Medical Personnel Training – Care Giver, practitioner
  11. Communications & Journalism-Broadcasting


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