New Future of Community Affordability, Accountability, Spirituality and Sustainability

New Future of Community Affordability, Accountability, Spirituality and Sustainability

Localizing food production and focusing on affordability,  accountability, spirituality and sustainability has been successful.”

Tech billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft  has quietly purchased about 242,000 acres of U.S. farmland with plans to donate land to the new sustainable communities that will be appearing around the USA including Washington state.  Through Cascade Investment a small Louisiana company, Gates purchased 14,500 acres “prime” acres in Washington state.1

These land will be used for new ways of farming, organic and regenerative farming methods, which are needed to heal ecosystems and produce truly sustainable, nourishing food for future generations.

Studies have shown emissions that come from animals have no real effect on the environmental climate change. Replacing real beef with “fake” meat to avoid a climate disaster makes no sense and real beef will always be a choice if you want it.

People should have a choice between eating real meat and/or plant based “fake” meat. When asked whether he thinks plant-based and lab-grown meats could “be the full solution to the protein problem globally,” he says, yes, and people will have that choice.

In the U.S., consumers are seeking out wholesome, healthy, minimally processed food.

Plant-based food that tastes like meat is a growing food trend. A market research study shows that sales of meat alternatives have risen from $118.7 million in 2017 to $192.1 million in 2019. The Impossible Burger, created by Impossible Foods, is a large contributor to this increase; nearly 80 percent of the growth can be attributed to this burger and another meat alternative called Beyond Meat.

Impossible Burgers promotes itself as something good for you and vegetarians seem to like it. If your goal is to eat less meat, then the Impossible Burger is a good option.

There are new healthy ways of farming to make sure we have both organic beef and so-called plant-based meat with soybean production to boost a healthy farming industry and provide plenty of food in the future.

Pat Brown, founder of Impossible Foods, believes that the “winning strategy” for the future of farming involves “finding ways for farmers to produce more corn and soybeans…”

Gates and Brown both believe in “good use of land for farming”.

Like many others, they have found the healthy way to produce more soybeans for their food

products is through vertical farming and hydroponic systems. Farming above and below ground in controlled environments using CTS growing containers is, according to Brown, ‘the safest and most environmentally friendly option to allow us to scale up soy production and provide the Impossible Burger to consumers. ”

And they’ve order freight cars from CTS for growing containers for healthy plant growing in controlled environments where natural seeds will grow well without herbicides or pesticides. Genetically modied seeds won’t be necessary in these controlled environments. And the surplus food can be used for for exporting, animal feed and ethanol.

Animals raised according to regenerative agriculture will complete the ecosystem, one that is both healing for the land and productive for the farmers who keep it. Regenerative agriculture will be successful in which livestock and crops are integrated into a symbiotic, complementary system that mimics the way nature works.

And bee farming will be used successfully for cross pollenization of corn grown in regenerated fields above ground.

September 23, 2021, United Nations Food Systems Summit, brought stability to hundreds of farmers and communities.

The Summit “launched bold new actions to transform the way the world produces food with large controlled environmental containers above and below ground, as well as regenerative agriculture and the knowledge of indigenous people.”

U.N. secretary general António Guterres appointed Agnes Kalibata as the event’s head. Kalibata is the former Rwandan agriculture minister who is now the president.

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), an organization funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  AGRA was launched in 2006 and appears to be benecial with regenerative agriculture and vertical farming, hydrophonics and with controlled environmental containers and without chemical fertilizers.  Sustainable communities are flourishing.

Localizing food production and focusing on affordability,  accountability, spirituality and sustainability has been successful.”

The small farmers and communities and regenerative practices have true potential to feed the world and heal the planet.

It is often said that the world is becoming smaller, and from the twentieth century onward the people of this world have almost become a single community. This little planet where we humans live is our only home. If we want to protect our home each of us must possess a sense of universal responsibility. This alone has the power to negate adverse traits such as selfishness, deceiving others, abuse, and so on. There will be no need to be afraid. Life becomes meaningful, and households, communities, and nations, large and small, become happier. The key to it all is the development of compassion. ~ Dalai Lama – June 2022


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