Earth’s Golden Light Grid Healing Meditation

 Earth’s Golden Light Grid Healing Meditation


Earth’s Golden Light Grid Healing Meditation

With the Earth’s permission and in harmony with the Universal Principles, let’s get started.

Create a meditative space and find a comfortable position. Breathe deeply, imagine any stress, anxiety and negativity that you may have had is now leaving your body & dissolving. Any burdens of the day & week are floating away and you feel relaxed… Feel any tension in your muscles subside.  Breathe easily and freely. Relaxing, Relaxing, Relaxing.

State your spiritual intentions of making it through the next “threshold”.  And it’s important to know that’s what’s coming.

What soul priorities are you aware of ?  If your not aware, become aware.  Make a list of the pros & cons of the situation you’re in.

Remember to ask for assistance & ask your guides and spiritual teachers to come and help with your healing propulsion system to get you through initiations to higher consciousness. The more refined the healing the better.

In other words, understand your healing psychology and your healing helpers on all levels. And thank them for healing on all levels. And thank your helpers for helping you.

Now that you know you can do all levels, what priorities stand out?

Nurturing the physical life force is currently a priority for many.

As you focus on your third eye, imagine you’re standing at the entrance of a dimly light tunnel.

Now, begin to walk into the tunnel. See the lights on the walls and the texture of the floor as you walk through the tunnel.

Just a head of you see a set of glass doors and your heart tells you that a wonderful healing experience is on the other side of the doors.  A feeling of peace & joy fills you. With each step closer to the doors, you feel more relaxed and uplifted and connected to the Divine Source that is guiding you.

As you approach the doors, they automatically open and invite you into this realm of enlightenment and lightness. As you pass through you can strongly feel the Divine Source and all those who have come to assist you on this healing journey. Know that they are sending you what you need for the most understanding, healing, and assistance for your healing journey. They are beckoning you now to go deep within. You hear them say, “You are loved and you are never alone. We are here to guide you home by way of the Earth’s Light Grid which holds the secrets of Life.”  Breathe deep centering breaths.

With each breath you travel deeper and you feel a wonderful sense of light filling your body. You see before you an Inner Earth, a vast inner region of energies and the Earth’s Light Grid – a grid work of light energies. You see strands of light stretching in all directions, like silver highways going off into past line of hurt energies. You are sensing a connection to one of the lines of past hurt that you will heal today.

You are being pulled by it. It’s a very strong current of light going deep into the Earth’s Light Grid, where you going to heal an early trauma that can finally be healed. This is also a chance to help heal the Earth’s Light Grid, adding lightness to it.

Now, take a moment to connect to the first time you experienced what healing shame feels like. Once you sense that original health guilt that you really felt for making a mistake.  Prior to that you felt  confident.  You may question, is it healthy guilt that you were really feeling? Healthy guilty allows you to make a healthy amends for what you did that you felt guilty about.  You release any internalized shame and know your not a bad person but made mistake that you can make amends for and your identity can be with your essence as a good and confident person.

With guilt you have a chance to do things better the next time. And with confidence you can come to a better decision making process so you don’t make mistakes as often.

And you feel “good enough” and know your self as a Divine Child of the Universe who is Loved. Natural. Wondrous. Mystical. You can return to these good feeling anytime just by saying, “I am loved”.  And I can deal with toxicity when sense or feel it and I can hear what it’s really saying, I’m in pain, just hear me. You don’t need to shame it. You’re beyond that. And the cycle is broken.  There’s No Blame. Stop pepetuating the pain.

Send it off to the Great Central Sun to be transmuted.

Feel your shift to healthy feelings as you true self emerges out the healing tunnel.  And so, it is.

And you feel the healing repercussions of all the healing of issues in your life and healing your past.

You feel that equilibrium and balance is restored. You can see healthy relationships with others developing. Feel the lightness that it brings to the Earth Light Grid.  See the Divine Human Family helping increase the lightness of your healing pathway.

There’s a refining going on!!!

This is true empowerment in which one can take responsibility for their mistakes. They can apologize, and make amends and do things better the next time. And somewhere along the way, they may be forgiven – or at the very least – find self-forgiveness and self-love.

The refining continues and wonderful frequency tonality enters in.

Feel the self-love engery that support you. You are a Divine Child of the Universe. And as these loving energies activate your light body, your pineal gland, chakras and spinal column are operating together to balance your being so your Soul memory of who you really are, is reawakening. Breathe that in.

Once again, you are directed by the Planetary President and asked to go deeper within and deeper into inner Earth. You are reminded of your training as a Light warrior and Peacemaker.

In your altered state of awareness you finally understand all the life times of learning about the flow of energies and blockages. You feel all of you chakras are one and activated.

Now, you feel a wonderful sense of light filling your body. You feel empowered to help and witness the processes without column-bining. You surrender and release any shoulds or shouldn’ts.

Again, you see before you an inner Earth of wonders. This time you are pulled by a very strong current of light that leads you to the 33rd parallel that circles the Earth.

Take a moment and allow the Divine current lead you where you belong or need to go on the 33d latitude to help clear any disharmonious energy or dis-ease on this attitude line.

It’s an attitude latitude line.

Shifting, Shifting, Shifting this line with gratitude attitude for the presence you feel is wonderful.

You observe and acknowledge a Divine healing presence that has come to you.k

You experience pulsations of a strong, & stronger and stronger golden light and luminosities, beaming & vibrating at higher and higher frequencies so everything disappears into a golden light.

With your ability and willingness to witness you see the dissolving of dis-ease and disharmony along this latitude-attitude line. You see your divine blue & you dissolve into the golden luminosity.

Enjoy energy flowing into natural cycles of a new Life Force & Light Grid replenish all levels with a better consciousness that brightens and lightens our way & becomes an easier, wiser & a  happier spiritual passage way.

You see the whole Earth Light Grid lighting up and people are alive and restored to harmony & the Earth’s Star Crystal and Golden Light shine brightly throughout the Universe.

You feel your light body is fully activated and you realize you are light & enjoy that lightness for the moment. The wonderful energies of The Earth Star Crystal and Golden Light continue supporting you  so that as you slide through glass doors to the tunnel that rises to the surface & on your return to Earth’s surface your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies are united and healthier than ever before and you feel good.  The Earth vibrates with the wonderful potential, which lies ahead for you.

You thank your Divine guides and teachers for this wonderful experience, renewal, healing, visions, sensations, insights and answers you received on your journey . Thank them for coming and give them a goodbye hug & you find your meditative space & physical body are in a new golden luminosity for your advancement to move forward.

You feel a wonderful sense of love, gratitude, connection to your higher-self, while feeling healthier, wiser, more whole and happier than ever before.

Take in a deep breath and feel your body, feeling wonderfully good, renewed and revitalized. You become more and more aware of your current surroundings.  And come awake with eyes wide open and come through complete to your current situation.

You feel a wonderful sense of love, gratitude, connection to your higher-self, while feeling healthier, wiser, more whole and happier than ever before.

Take in a deep breath and feel your body,

feeling wonderfully good, renewed and revitalized.

And welcome to feeling wonderfully good, renewed and revitalized.


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