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Wisdom Ministries, Arts & Humanities

 Carieliin Wisdom Ministries, Arts and Humanities Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts (Music &/or Theater), Architecture, Agriculture, Business and/or Counseling Psychology   Wisdom Ministries Degree Program These students will prepare for life’s spiritual passages with a Liberal Arts Education. They will receive academic training, character building and opportunities in personal transformation and higher consciousness. The Carieliin […]

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Certification Program

Skills Certification Program Classes and Job Training will Leading to Skills Certification. Once you’re accepted into the Skills Certification Program simply   Register for Classes and learn the skills necessary in the Certification Program to pass the Skills Certification Exam (there’s a fee for the Certification Exam) in the following areas: Transportation – Pilot, Transportation Controller, […]

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Apply for Employment

Carieliin Employment Application Jobs Offered, Currently Locomotive and Electric Train Driver-Engineer Train Traffic Systems Controller-Engineer Rail Operations Controller-Dispatcher Transportation & Warehousing Supervisor Transportation & Warehouse Stock Person Freight & Supplies Intermodal Officer Chef Cook position Prep Cook position Passenger-Train Manager-Conductor-Engineer position Train Control Systems Engineer I position Tour Guide Managers position Tour Guides – 2 […]

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