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The Dog Star Sirius: The Anubis Theory – Is Our Planet The Planet of Resurrection!?

The Dog Star Sirius: Anubis The Guardian of Resurrection who guides the soul safely through the bardo states and stargates to be reborn.   The Theory: “Those who become conscious of what’s going on have an easier time dealing with the multidimensional nature of the planet, conscience and reconciling past lives in which both good […]

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ET Presence – 70 years of Secrecy

Dr Steven Greer and Linda Moulton Howe: ET Presence – 70 years of Secrecy [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6G3wTw4vms?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent] Dr. Steven Greer talks about the Lost Century of economic, sociological and spiritual development. He says: “70 years of secrecy has run-a-muck.” “Secrecy is killing us because our out-warded technology is stuck in the 18th century.  We need to catch […]

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