White Magic and Divine Energy is Real

White Magic and Divine Energy is Real!

In accordance with the Source and for the highest good of All, HMHS anchors healing and a magnificent reality.  It’s up to you to see.

You can use your own sigils (pictures of symbols) to bring about “LOVE” and “HEALING”, etc., everywhere you go – start by place the sigils on your water.

I use my Crop Circle Cards and place them on my water:

LOVE love, PEACE peace,

 ABUNDANCE abundance,  HEALING healing.


PROTECTION protection

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The Great AWAKENING that is occurring on the planet surpasses anything imaginable.

ascension-day In accordance with the highest good of all, the HMHS clears the old reality and prepares for a new magnificent reality.

Experience an amazing reality – reveal, reveal, reveal.

And Watch the beauty and healing be revealed, revealed, revealed.

Be aware of demonstrations by the HMHS and Awaken, Awaken, Awaken…

Higher consciousness!!!

And support the HMHS as she creates a life she wants for herself in which she benefits, benefits, benefits herself effectively.

The new beneficial spiritual reality is here and is adjusting and anchoring, as Earth’s energies, SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT.

Feel Earth’s vibrational SHIFT to a more positive, loving and healthy vibration.

Be aware of love and light and feels the beautiful magnificent reality, the beautiful magnificent reality, the beautiful magnificent reality.

Awareness of the positive energies will help.  Awareness of the positive energies will help. Awareness of the positive energies will help. And shifting responsibility to others who need to step up & help as best they can.

Positive rewards for everyone during an interim moment while the portal of abundance opens up long enough to help address the food, shelter, “lacking spiritual sustenance” and energy issues.  The HMHS has already implemented a new transportation, communication-broadcasting, security & utilities systems.

HMHS will effectively lead Earthlings and higher consciousnesses to a more positive reality because it’s time.

Reveal, reveal, reveal HMHS’s more positive, beautiful & magnificent reality.


Watch and feel the miracle frequencies FEEL, FEEL, FEEL. And Breath, Breath, Breath.

Enjoy the new reality as we become more balanced & beautiful every day, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!

Sending Much Love, Healing and Wisdom

~ Cariel


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