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White Magic and Divine Energy is Real

White Magic and Divine Energy is Real! In accordance with the Source and for the highest good of All, HMHS anchors healing and a magnificent reality.  It’s up to you to see. You can use your own sigils (pictures of symbols) to bring about “LOVE” and “HEALING”, etc., everywhere you go – start by place […]

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Peru’s Portal Technology and Stone Forest

Mysterious Places can be found around the Earth, an ancient doorway carved into a sheer rock wall in Peru’s Puerta de Hayu Marka — the Doorway of the Amaru Muru is said to be a portal to other worlds. Markawasi’s plateau is filled with strange rock formations allegedly left behind by an ancient advanced civilization. […]

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Glastonbury Zodiac: A Story of a Portal of Sacred Experiences

Glastonbury Zodiac:  A Story of a Portal of Sacred Experiences According to Ancient-wisdom.com: “A landscape zodiac (or terrestrial zodiac) is a map of the stars on a gigantic scale, formed by features in the landscape, such as roads, streams and field boundaries. Perhaps the best known alleged example is the Glastonbury ‘Temple of the Stars‘, […]

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