Employment & Housing Application

As President of Carieliin Enterprises – involving a university and transportation system, I’ll continue doing what I know best and help to produce a good economy. Thank you for your support. 

Next step in order that the momentary housing crisis ends consciously and effectively:

A new life will begin when you submit your Employment Application and it’s accepted and implemented, effectively.  

Here is a list of some current jobs available: 

  1. jobs requiring business, finance, operations, administration & management aptitude:

secretary, business operations manager, employment officer, office clerk, banker & financial adviser & manager.

2. jobs requiring mental, creative, planning, developing & spatial-relationship aptitude: planner & developer, computer & software technician, engineer, electrician, plumber, architect and educator who teaches industrial certification with a career orientation to educators who teach science-mathematics degrees and/or creative thinking degrees in literature & philosophy to wisdom teachings, counseling & spiritual contemplation.

3.  jobs requiring social, personal, inspirational skills: 

service managers & personnel & volunteers, i.e., sales clerks and managers (involving sales of tickets, buildings, trains, food, etc) and other services providers, i.e., customer services, employment & social-human services and career counseling, wisdom counseling, pastoral inspiration and healing-medical practitioner

4. jobs requiring food preparation and eating facilities management, including the following:

Food preparation and management: food managers, chef, cooking-assistants, clean-up crew.

5. jobs requiring physical exertion:

train manufacturing and building construction and craftsmanship, management, maintenance & repair, 

landscaping technician, railroad technician, equipment technician, ticket vending machine technician, management, maintenance & repair,

package & mail storage & delivery,

food and/or supplies manager, storage-technician, store-display technician, transporter and distributor.

6. Complete List of Transporation Jobs

7. University Faculty member 

  1. industrial certifications with industrial skills and craftsmanship orientations 
  2. degree programs: from degrees in science-mathematics  to  degrees in music, arts, literature to degrees in wisdom teachings, philosophy & counseling

Job & Housing Application for Carieliin Enterprises including the university & transportation system

Thank you for submitting  your Job & Housing (if you want housing included) Application. Once a job for you becomes available, we will contact you, effectively and sooner than later.