Certification Programs at Carieliin

Certification Programs at Carieliin

Certification Programs at Carieliin University

Sound, Camera & Film Production Certifications


Construction Certification in numerous fields

Here is a list of job skills for which you’ll be given certification, if you take the skills class and pass the certification test.

1. food preparation skills, cleaning skill, and restaurant management skills

for jobs like:

food managers, chef, cooking-assistants, clean-up crew.

2. physical exertion skills:

travelogue, tour & travel skills, train manufacturing skills, and building construction skills and craftsmanship skills, management skills, maintenance & repair skills, package & mail delivery skills, distribution, transport skills & truck driving skills

jobs like:

tour guide, managers, landscaping technician, railroad technician, equipment technician, ticket vending machine technician, food and/or supplies manager, storage-technician, store-display technician, transporter & deliverer & distributor

3. business & financial skills, operations, administration & management aptitude:

For jobs like:

banker, bank teller, financial adviser & manager, secretary, business operations manager, employment officer, office clerk 

4. skills involving the following:  mental, creative, architecture, engineering, industrial design, architectural design, planning & development, and craftsmanship, spatial-relationship aptitude & mathematics, literature & philosophy to wisdom teachings, counseling & spiritual contemplation. 

jobs like: teacher, musician, artist, planner & developer, architect, engineer, manager, computer & software technician, engineer, electrician, plumber, architect, educator & minister

5.  Skills like: social-people, personal, inspiration, motivation, wisdom teachings, music skills, art, literature,  philosophy & counseling, pastoral inspiration, science, mathematics, medical 

jobs like:

Tour Guides, service managers, sales clerks and sales managers (involving sales of tickets, buildings, trains, food, etc) service providers, customer services, employment & social-human services, medical doctor, healer, and career counseling, psychological counselor, pastor, healing-medical practitioner, wisdom minister

6. Transporation Jobs

7. Become Carieliin University Faculty member 

  1. Teacher who can teach any of the above subjects 

Form to Register for certification classes:

Just print the form and fill in your information.  Instead of filling in degree courses on the form, write in the skills you want to learn from the list of skills above and send the form as an email attachment to support@cabiz.net.