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Masterpieces which Open Sacred Portals

        Nicholas Roerich: Masterpieces which Open Divine Portals Currently, Nicholas Roerich is my favorite artist because his masterpieces open divine portals.  Notice his profound use of light and dark. Nicholas Roerich was a Russian mystic, painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist, and considered a public figure, philosopher, and enlightener. My definition of a mystic […]

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A Beautiful & Positive Magnificent Reality Begins

A Magnificent Reality Begins   A Mystic Experiences the Sacred:   HMHS created Alliances with the many Nation States of Earth in which Peace Treaties were signed.  These Treaties, Earth’s Planetary Alliances and it’s Planetary Citizenship are being activated and becoming more obvious every day as activation events occur, i.e., the following: Peace Treaties, Planetary […]

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