Carieliin University Planned Building Construction

The CE’s Dept of Building Construction with the participation of the CU’s College of Architectural Sciences students will build the following structures on CU’s main locations , ASAP:

Buildings will include CU Classrooms & Housing Accommodations for students, faculty, staff & administrators. 


Here’s what to expect!

There’s a wonderful world ahead for all CU students and employees.

We are excited to welcome them into a university residential community described with the following photo examples:

CU’s amazing Center for Performing Arts. 


Undergraduate Students 

Full-time freshmen and sophomores (under 54 credit hours) are required to live on-campus where there will be a healthy spiritual, emotional, mental & physical environment.  Here’s an example of student residential living.

The Azalea Residential Hall

au redwood male res halls
The Student Bedrooms will include furniture as follows: Bed, Desk, Nightstand, Pedestal Mobile Drawers, Stack of Draws & closet for each resident. They can choose bedrooms with single or double occupancy – refer to price chart on the bottom of the page.

All Student Housing will include: Living and Dining Areas, Kitchen and Balcony and internet, cable TV & telephone jacks. Dual pane windows with mini blinds in bedrooms and 2″ faux wood horizontal blinds in the living room with sliding patio door.

The Dogwood Apartments will have cloths washer/dryer machines located in the apartment (for an additional charge)

au cu dogwood condos-apt

or in the meeting house located within the apartment facility (without additional charge).

These are more possibilities of CU Housing Accommodations for Students, Parents & Employees:


The following photo are examples of furnished residential buildings & apartments:


Students Apply for University Housing Accommodations, ASAP

Apply for CU housing  

and reserve your housing for the Autumn or Spring semesters.

Or if your a student living with parents or legal guardian off campus near by, request the housing exemption at Contact Us.

For inquiries Contact Us

We will assign the rooms, ASAP, so that you’ll move into your new home for the academic year, ASAP. Congratulations!

Once you’ve moved in, the Housing Support Staff – will help you.


Boarding for 4 months for a Student or Renter at most locations:

Tuition for 4 months for a Student:

    Room and Board Double Single Single with private bath


Tuition or Meal Plan























Boarding for a Total Academic Year = approx. $21,000 to $27,000.

Additional Cost for Books, Supplies & Campus Fees, approximately $1500 per semester.

Monthly payments are also possible. Contact Us

Carieliin’s liberal arts & wisdom education will provide avenues for possible spiritual, emotional & mental advancement and fulfillment.- Application for Carieliin University Admission

 Register NOW at  Register for CU academic Courses.

Jobs available at Carieliin University. Apply NOW at  Contact Us

Employees can apply for Housing Accommodations once rentals are available.  Check website regularly for updates.