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Spiritual Initiation and the Christmas Procession

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According to Rev. Dr. Judith:

The Inner Worlds

The sacred side of Christmas is different from the social celebration.  The inner worlds of Christmas make it holy.  The esoteric celebration happens deep inside you. Christmas is the rebirth of the Christ Consciousness within you.

This blessed dispensation of new spirit happens every year for the whole planet.  As we explore the esoteric side of Christmas, begin to think of the Christ as an internal aspect of yourself. 

Your Spiritual Anatomy

Your Christ Self is your Soul. Your Soul is the part of you that knows all that is – past, present and future; the part of you that has lived and died many times; the part of you that is all-wise and all-loving.  Your Soul is your God spark, your personal piece of God.

The voice of your Soul keeps you going through life’s tough times.  Your Soul often speaks in a loving, maternal voice.  “My Child”, “Dear One”, are commonly heard from your Soul.

As your Divine Mother, your Soul nurtures, guides, and comforts you.  She is non-judgmental, forgiving, and compassionate.  Your Christ Self transcends time and space. Your Soul puts petty, ego concerns to rest.

In spiritual anatomy, your Christ consciousness awakens at your fourth level of awareness – your heart chakra. Your Christ Self empowers at your fifth level – your throat chakra.  The golden throne of your Soul anchors and resides in your heart.  You can often feel the Christ Presence of your Soul as a sweetness in your heart.

Your Soul is characterized by golden light.  Notice when you see gold Light in the room.  It may be your Soul, the Christ Presence.

Planetary Hierarchy

In addition to your personal, spiritual anatomy, the Christ also represents an office in the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy.  The Christ within you is the part of you that vibrates at the same frequency as the hierarchical Christ office. The Christ within you also vibrates at the same frequency as Jesus, the historical Christ.  They all are one.

At Christmas, you are the Christ Child being reborn.

Literally, know yourself as the Christ Child.

When you see a creche with the manger and hold family,

know the Christ Child is you.

Planetary and Personal Initiation

Christmas is a time of planetary and personal initiation.  It is a time of redemption and renewal. Your past is dying, creating space for a glorious new birth.

There is a sacred ceremony that takes place in the inner worlds every Christmas Eve, consecrating the entire planet for the New Year.  A portal opens to the holy dimensions make them accessible to all of us. You can actually experience the Angels at a cellular level.

Information about the Sacred Procession does not come to a person until they are fairly evolved on the Spiritual Path.  You must be ready to hear about it.  Otherwise, you will not value the sacred worlds.

Once you learn about the Sacred Procession, you can make direct contact each year with the Christ Presence – both planetary and personal – through the Sacred Procession at midnight on Christmas Eve.

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O Night Divine

At Christmas, you are the Christ Child being reborn.

Literally, know yourself as the Christ Child.

When you see a creche with the manger and hold family,

know the Christ Child is you.  ~ Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno


May Everyone’s Christ Consciousness Shine Brightly Now and in the New Years to Come!

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Seraphim: One of The Highest Ranking Angels

According to whyangels.com:

In art, Seraphim are often red (because of their names ‘burning ones’) and are shown holding a flaming sword with the words ‘holy, holy, holy’ on the blade.

Whyangels.com says:

Seraphim or Seraphs

The word Seraphim (one seraph, two or more seraphim) means “burning ones” or nobles.

They are also sometimes called the ‘ones of love’ because their name might come from the Hebrew root for ‘love’. Seraphim are only fully described in the Bible on one occasion. This is in the book of the prophet Isaiah, when he is being commissioned by God to be a prophet and he has a vision of heaven.seraph2

So these types of heavenly beings have six wings, but they only use two of them for flying.

Their position is flying above God’s throne, unlike the Cherubim who are beside/around it. Their primary duty is to constantly glorify and praise God and they may also be the personal ‘attendant’ angels of God. Their eternal song “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.” has been used by Jews and Christians for thousands of years to join with the angels in praising God. In Hebrew, to use the same word three times to describe something means that the person/object is utterly like the word. So calling God Holy three times means that God is utterly and perfectly holy…

In Jewish folklore, and some later Christian works, the Seraphim are said to be the highest rank of angel. This is probably because of their very close proximity to God.

According to Wikipedia:

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