Our Solar System and The Inner Oort Cloud Planetoids


No longer any doubt that the Kuiper belt does exist: There’s a Trans-Neptunian Oort cloud where a new region of space begins. Both comets and celestial bodies found to orbit the sun at distance greater than that of the planet Neptune.

Published on Oct 11, 2016

The planet, known as 2014 UZ224, is about 8.5 billion miles from the sun.

Is The Government Hiding Planet X?

In 1983, scientists observed a mysterious planet-sized object at the edge of our solar system. Was it the long sought-for Planet X? Since then, NASA has done their best to disprove its existence. Could the government be hiding a whole planet? Why would they do this?

 The explanation is as follows:
Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand received his Honorary Ph.D. in the field of Energy informative Sciences, from the Academy of Energy informative Sciences, conducted with Moscow University, Russia. His contributions in the study and pursuit of Extraterrestrial Communications, research into UFO phenomena, cosmology and his representing the United States at The First World UFO Congress (Tucson, AZ, 1991) earned him distinctive recognition and his Doctorate from their Russian Academy of Sciences in 1992 in Moscow.
Dr. Rand travels widely establishing close ties with his fellow Ufologists and paranormal researchers, especially in Russia where Rand has close ties with Lt. Col. Marina Popovich and her former husband, Army General Pavel Popovich
Dr. Rand shared his view that Planet X is drawing close to Earth and will wreak havoc as it makes its return passage through the solar system. Culled from his study of ancient sources, as well as his alien contacts (which began when he was a young child), he’s determined that Planet X is a brown dwarf star the size of Saturn or bigger, that’s on an elongated orbit which comes our way every 3,600 to 4,000 years.
The closely guarded third secret of Fatima talks about the return of Planet X, and the Vatican itself may suffer damage during the planet’s return, Rand claimed. The Book of Revelation spoke about ‘Wormwood,’ which he believes is Planet X- its last return coincided with Moses and the Hebrews exodus from Egypt and accounts of the plagues and the parting of the Red Sea correlate with effects from the passing planet, he suggested.


Things have changed since these “big” dates, Oct. 29 and 31, 2016  

At that time, Planet X was moving in a precise direction towards planet Earth.

There are increasing indications that Planet X has returned and prevented a pole shift, although one had been predicted.

The planet Nibiru means the ‘Planet of Crossing’. Planet Nibiru, which was referred by the Sumerians as Planet X, and the 12th planet in our solar system. In the hydrophilic of Sumerians, and Egyptian, they talked about how planet Nibiru had an elliptical orbit than a normal horizontal orbit.

The planet took around 750,000 years to come between Mars and Jupiter, and when it did, it created devastation on all the planets during its flyby.

According to historians, Tiamat, a planet which had lain between Mars and Jupiter around 510,000,000 years ago was struck by Planet X.  Tiamat broke into half, and one half became the asteroid belt and a piece became a Phobos: Mars moon, while Tiamat’s the other half is our home, planet earth. “Out of destruction comes life”, a quote from Hindu ancient text ‘Bhagvat Gita’.

Nibiru is a strange planet and was known to be twenty times bigger than Jupiter, with a burning moon which acts like Nibiru’s personal sun. Since Nibiru goes much, much further away from our sun; this theory actually does make sense, and stands out.

“Was Earth born 510 million years ago? Scientist age the rocks on Earth to be 4.543 billion years old.  But that doesnt mean that’s when Earth was born. Does Planet X return on Earth’s Birthday?  Did we escape a polar shift? I do know that on October 31, 2016 things changed for the better.

Even the Mayan predicted the existence of Nibiru, or according to them, a certain dark energy in shape of a planet which would be coming near earth in the distant future. Every time this planet came around, entire civilization from planet earth were wiped out. James McCaney, an expert on Planet Nibiru and Mayan history explained, around 10,000 years ago major devastation occurred which destroyed many civilization on our planet.

According to NASA’s website,

“Caltech researchers have found mathematical evidence suggesting there may be a “Planet X” deep in the solar system. This hypothetical Neptune-sized planet orbits our Sun in a highly elongated orbit far beyond Pluto. The object, which the researchers have nicknamed “Planet Nine,” could have a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbit about 20 times farther from the Sun on average than Neptune. It may take between 10,000 and 20,000 Earth years to make one full orbit around the Sun.”

Planet X may be the 10th real planet in our solar system.



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