A Mystic Experiences the Sacred Through Portals

A Mystic Experiences the Sacred Through Portals:

Sometimes the mystic has no agenda other than to experience the sacred and higher consciousness.  Thus the mystic continually experiences the sacred and touches the face of God on a daily basis.  Portals are also a daily event in the life of a mystic.  The initiated mystic knows how to make a portal safe.
Secrets of the divine spark (the seed of the Soul within the Heart) unfold and may be experienced in a numbers of different ways, i.e., as awareness of higher consciousnesses or experiences,i.e., health, love, beauty, abundance, magnificent reality and time travel.  The mystic experiences life on a deep level where things are not as they seem on the surface.
The movie Interstellar shows a journey through a black hole onto a planet in which a time of 30 minutes lasted almost 30 years, thus the astronauts were missing “valuable time”. 
In this situation, the initiated mystic would look at the velocity, vibration and other variables to reveal a divine plan or bigger picture which wasn’t about time, thus time is no longer an issue. ~ Cariel Quinley

A Portals of Life and Other Portals of the Immortal




Published on Sep 17, 2015


Documentary exploring Hopi, Lakota, and Wintu relatedness and responsibility to the land and efforts to sustain and protect Indigenous religion.


According to Tekgnostics:

Native American lore of the area held that Shasta is inhabited by the spirit chief Skell, who descended from heaven to the mountain’s summit. The indigenous peoples also have variations of a great flood myth, with Mount Shasta being the Pacific Northwest version of Mt. Ararat and the old trickster persona Coyote filling in for Noah…
Coyote encountered an evil water spirit who caused water to rise until it covered Coyote. After the water receded, Coyote shot the water spirit with a bow and ran away, but the water followed him. He ran to the top of Mount Shasta; the water followed but didn’t quite reach the top. Coyote made a fire, and all the other animal people swam to it and found refuge there. After the water receded, they came down and found new homes.
In recent times, many other faiths, particularly New Age groups, have been attracted to Shasta — more than any other Cascade volcano. Mt. Shasta, California, a small town near Shasta’s western base, is a focal point for many of these religions.
According to the Forest Service as reported in documentaries such as In The Light of Reverence, local Indian tribes, particularly but not limited to the Wintu, still practice healing rituals at the springs that flow from the mountain, and there is constant low-level conflict between the Indians and the New Age groups which have laid claim to the area as their personal sacred site.
The history of New Age fascination with Mount Shasta can be traced to the publication of Frederick Spencer Oliver’s fantasy novel A Dweller On Two Planets. An indifferent, unmotivated student who was often ill, Oliver composed the novel at the age of seventeen. According to the foreword, his parents were awestruck that he could have engaged in such a sustained endeavor, and believed the novel to have been divinely inspired. They promoted it as a work of channeled wisdom, and it is still in print today. The novel is about the Lemurian race, who traveled to Mount Shasta when their continent sank beneath the ocean (Atlantis?) and are now said to live inside the mountain in a series of tunnels.








julie-ryder-5-19-16 julie-ryder-5-19-16a
Julie Ryder at Castle Arcadion in Giant’s Playground Phase Two in Montana, USA.
Julie and Bill Ryder have discovered and explored the dolmens, megalithic sites, pictographs and petroglyphs since moving to Montana in 1996.  New Website

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