CU Meal Plan Membership & CU Card for San Diego Campuses

CU Meal Plan Membership & CU Card for Oceanside Campus

Communal Dining Hall Schedule

Breakfast – 7 AM to 9:30 PM

Lunch – 11:30 AM to 2 PM

Dinner – 5 PM to 7:30 PM

The new Meal Plan Memberships begins in April, 2024.

CU Meal Plan Membership at the San Diego Campus Dining Halls will be for CU student & staff campus residents. Often there will be entertainment at the campus Dining Halls on Fridays nights.


Titanium 252 – 252 meals for $3024

Platinum 159 – 159 meals for $2,078

Gold 81 – 81 meals for $1,053

Silver 21 – 21 meals for $315

Once on a Meal Plan you can purchase as many meals as you want to, throughout the same academic year. (3 Semesters)

You can purchase meal plans or one meal at a time, as long as, you have a CU Card which you’ll receceive if you’ve been accepted to CU after you’ve applied for admission.

Your CU Card comes with a pin # so you can access an internet account in which you’ll transfer money from your bank account (i.e., PayPal) into your CU Card account so you can purchase items, i.e., meals or class registration on the CU campus.  While on the CU campus the CU Card is your purchase power (depending on how much money you’ve put into your account). And this card serves as your identifier and permission to be on the CU campus.