A Better Education System and Training of Good Parenting Skills

A Better Education System and Training of Good Parenting Skills

  1. A better Education System starts with good parenting skills being taught when necessary.  Children who have good parenting want to mind their parents and then the schools won’t have to take charge.
  2. Earthlings and Earth are important.
  3. The group and the individual are important.
  4. Civics teaches Planetary citizenship.
  5. Children are encourage to excel.
  6. With permission from the school system, Family has the 1st right of refusal to teach their child sex education
  7. Civics teaches planetary citizenship
  8. Home schooling can use Biometrics for an interface with the school system
  9. The school system helps those who want to do home schooling
  10. Unsafe vaccinations are not mandatory
  11. Using the planetary president’s systems that she wants to share if she is thriving in her manificent reality in Oceanside CA
  12. Also cell phones will be safe and a cell phone which have a chip instead of the child is a better way for keeping the child safe when away from home.

Math is factual and absolute when using old math, a user-friendly method.

The binary system requires a binary math which substitutes facts for code in computer programs and the binary method is easily being used with good results.

Indiana parents are standing up for a better education system.

In her article about Indiana parents fighting back, Maggie Gallagher states, “These standards are designed not to produce well-educated citizens but to prepare students to enter community colleges and lower-level jobs. All students, not just non-college-material students, are going to be taught to this lower standard.”

A previously signed bill was altered by Sen. Scott Schneider to now require further study and evaluation of the Common Core.

Indiana became the first state in the nation to pass legislation that makes a better Education System possible.

On July 1, 2013, the bill was approved by both chambers and signed by Gov. Mike Pence.  Both Schneider and Pence are Republicans.

The up-hill battle that started in Indiana is occurring across the nation.

Legislation requiring better education than Common Core offers. This legislation has been introduced in at least seven other states. Most bills have passed.

On May 23, 2014, the Oklahoma legislature voted decisively to drop the Common Core standards – both the Oklahoma House (71-18) and Senate (31-10) voted to dump the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin signed the legislation, HB 3399, into law.

Michigan state house voted to withhold implementation funding, despite Republican governor Rick Snyder’s support for Common Core; the Missouri senate this week approved a bill calling for statewide hearings on Common Core.

In April the RNC passed a resolution opposing Common Core as “inappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children.”

Historian Diane Ravitch

On her blog for better education, Diane Ravitch calls for getting out of Common Core and have a better education system.


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