Carieliin Wisdom Ministries, Humanities and Arts Degree

 Carieliin Wisdom Ministries, Humanities and Arts Degree


Wisdom Ministries

These students will prepare for life’s spiritual passages. They will receive academic training, character building and opportunities in personal transformation and higher consciousness.


The Carieliin Wisdom Ministries student will choose from a variety of majors, such as, communications, philosophy, psychology & counseling, pastoral counseling, performing arts, architecture, higher consciousness, and leadship. Wisdom Ministries is non-sectarian, pan-denominational, and global – affirming multiple pathways to spirituality.

Carieliin’s Wisdom Ministries emphasizes the student’s spiritual development during the next few years.   With higher consciousness and intellectual inquiry, the student will develope a new awareness, flexibility and understanding of how this sacred planet operates.  Their human condition can become transformed spiritually.

And with discipline and rigor the student can develope the skills to explore, excel & extend healthy higher consciousness. And an age-less wisdom from golden ages can be accessed.  Some will go beyond their past conditioning to be enhanced spiritually, morally, mystically, ethically, logically, psychologically and philosophically and to graduate with a degree in higher consciousness in one of these 4 branches:

  • Wisdom Ministries and Humanities Degree in Performing Arts including Theater & Music
  • Wisdom Ministries and Humanities Degree in Architecture and Graphic Design
  • Wisdom Ministries and Humanities Degree in Communications, Philosophy, Spirituality and Pastoral Counseling
  • Wisdom Ministries and Humanities Degree in Communications, Counseling Psychology, and Spirituality

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