Job Training Leading to Certification

Job Training Leading to Job Certification

          Register to start training to pass a Certification Exam (there’s a fee for the Certification Exam) in the following areas:
    • Transportation – Pilot, Transportation Controller, Train Driver-Engineer, RTE- Release Train Engineering, Conductor/Engineer
    • Travel and Tour Industry – Tour Agent & Guide, Flight & Travel Managers and Attendants
    • Community and Transportation Construction and Infrastructure – Planning & Development
    • Facility Management Services – Managerial, Construction, Utilities, Janitorial & Landscaping Services
    • Utilities Industries – Phone, Wifi, Internet/cable, Electrician, Plumber
    • Business Management – Accounting, Economics and Finances
    • Food Management and Preparation & Culinary Arts
    • Education – Teacher, Administrator
    • Carieliin Law School and Enforcement Training
    • Medical Personell Training – Care Giver, Practioner
    • Communications & Journalism-Broadcasting


Communications and Broadcasting


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