Sacred Road: A Positive Magnificent Reality

The following is the 1st Chapter of my book, Sacred Road, which you can purchased on my website: coming soon – Sacred Road.

In her book, Sacred Road, Cariel Quinley, says,

A planetary healing is taking place. Something was “rotten in Denmark”, but, that “negative matrix” has been replaced it with a “positive magnificent reality which is safe and supports life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness everywhere she goes”.

This book will examine a Planetary Leap in Psychological and Spiritual Development.

Some considered the 9/11 World Trade Center symbolic of  the “human condition” and a “soul awakening” and questioning what “matters”.  It includes hope for improving existence and connecting with higher consciousness. Along with hope, this book explores the strategies and pro-action that are necessary for a magnificent reality.

It reveals physical health, beauty and abundance with emotional satisfaction, spiritual development and connection to higher consciousness.

Awareness of higher consciousness helps increase determination/motivation, strategy planning, focus and connecting to something “special” beyond the physical space-time continuum. The possibilities are limitless sacred experiences.

A better world of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Economics, technology, the psyche and consciousness will be explore for a higher consciousness and healthier planetary physicality to emerge, including a healthier eco-system for Earth and biology for Earthlings.

We’ll explore a healthier economy with a fair tithing system encouraging people to excel.  A progressive planetary economy benefits and supports human beings and their highest humanity.  On a planetary level broken systems will be replaced with beneficial systems.

In general, the Earth’s human race’s higher consciousness (at least, planetary level – FYI – the personal higher consciousness isn’t limited by the planetary level) and biological existence (at least, planetary level) will thrive with safe technology.

Technological safety will be maintained by a clear and balanced approach to technology (from mechanical to hi-tech), using “checks and balances”, especially using spiritual tools of higher consciousness which are described in this book.

It’s time to grow up, get practical, and stand up for the human race’s thriving on the best possible existence level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to, at least a planetary level and from an unconscious to conscious awareness to, at least, a planetary consciousness level.

“I’ll defend anyone’s right to talk about whatever concerns them, if it’s authentic and offers solutions.” – Cariel Quinley

A framework for a higher consciousness, existence and reality begins.

In this book, a new framework of consciousness, existences and reality will be posited, called a “positive magnificent reality” and where many experience awareness on a higher physicality and emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

The new approach involves an ancient approach of the ageless wisdom with the Natural and Universal Laws and the benefits of awareness, reflection, strategics and pro-action.

Your job is to discover and understand that “all is well” and “it’s safe to be here” in a positive magnificent reality and higher consciousness.

I encourage you to find the bubbles that have limited you and pop them. This book will help you pop them.

Consider this a wonderful book which is easily readable, and can be referenced as a resource book with great video links, uplifting healing methods and solutions for a better life.

May God bless us all.  My prayers are with you all.  Increase your authentic wisdom, creative abilities and all that is positive.

We’ve entered an AGE of building higher consciousness and relationships which have transcended animal instincts and feel safe based on a higher physicality, (at least, planetary level) and emotional, mental and spiritual level of awareness of a positive magnificent reality.

Thanks to all of you who want and support this positive magnificent reality and you’ll be supported.  Enjoy observing this magnificent reality with emotional excitement while experiencing clarity and calm thinking!

May this help effectively define and successfully inspire the observation of a positive magnificent reality!

“When She acknowledged and accepted the responsibility of Her Most High Sovereignty and Her Planetary Presidency, her health, courage, will power, and higher consciousness soared.” ~ Sacred Road

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