Residence Life Coordinators

Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) are professional staff members who live on campus and are available to you. They work as a team to help make each resident’s on-campus experience a positive one. The professional staff supervises student staff, advise area councils, administer the student conduct process, offer supportive counseling and assume responsibility for the general management of the various living areas. Below is the list of contact information, area responsibilities and office locations for the RLCs.

The Area Coordinators of Residence Life, provide administrative and organizational support for Residence Life, and coordinate emergency management and assessment for Housing & Residence Life.

Student Staff

Community Advocates (CAs) are leaders, selected for the position based on leadership skills and concern for peers and other students. CAs are trained to provide campus resource information, community building activities and peer advising. Additionally, they help ensure safety and security on-campus in the residence halls especially through the maintenance of community guidelines. A ResLife Staff Roster with CA names and locations was distributed during check-in. The Information Desk and Housing Offices are on 1st floor of Juniper Hall.

Activities Student Assistants (Activities SAs) are unique student staff positions that provide support for Natural Resources and Sciences. Activities SAs build community and host programs for the specific community they are assigned.

The Residence Sustainability Advisor (RSA) is a student staff member that works in Housing to promote awareness and plan events regarding energy consumption and conservation.

Student Assistants (SAs) assist the Residence Life professional staff, residents and staff by co-advising student leadership councils, serving as mentors for Community Advocates and Activities Student Assistants, and providing administrative support.


The Faculty-in-Residence and Staff-in-Residence program provides residents the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff members in a unique setting—the residence halls. Staff-in-Residence. . Faculty and Staff in Residence hold regularly scheduled office hours, host programs, and collaborate with other faculty on programming in the residence halls.

The Faculty-in-Residence and/or Staff-in-Residence programs are currently offered Juniper Hall.

The Faculty-in-Residence and Staff-in-Residence program supports student success in a variety of ways. Residents will have the opportunity to get to know faculty and staff in informal settings, outside of the classroom. This helps students, faculty, and staff to get to know each other in new and different ways. The activities that the faculty and staff members will offer will help students to become more comfortable talking with faculty and staff, continue conversations from inside the classroom, learn more about what academic resources are available to students, learn more about majors and careers, and much more!

Faculty Can Learn More by referring to our application process page for more information. Additionally, you can contact Area Coordinator of Assessment,

Faculty Coordinator in Residence –

Mr. Henry, Chairperson of English Dept, an RLC & Leader of the Discussion Club –