University Campus Site Map & Housing

These are the larger campuses with buildings shown in the picture below. There are also smaller campuses, called “efficient campuses” and single buildings for extension courses.

Apply for University Admission:

Print and Fill In Apply Form PDF and send as PDF attachment in an email to or deliver to Office of Admissions along with all documents necessary. The Campuses to choose from are as follows:

  • ·       7th St. San Jacinto, CA
  • ·       Pine Cone San Jacinto, CA
  • ·       Rancho Bernardo, CA
  • ·       N. County San Diego, CA
  • ·       Malibu, CA
  •         Santa Monica, CA (extension courses)
  •         Oceanside, CA (extension courses)
  • ·       Questhaven, CA
  • ·       Winchester, CA
  • ·       Cornerstone Hemet, CA (efficient campuses)
  • ·       Sapphire Hemet, CA
  • ·       Temecula, CA (efficient campuses)

Campus Buildings