HMHS CU College of Architecture & Computer Sciences

HMHS CU College of Architecture & Computer Sciences

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College of Architecture & Computer Sciences


Regular Building Hours: 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences

  • AA in Computer Sciences
  • BA in Computer Sciences

Core Curriculum

  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Information Systems
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Business & Organizational Application Programming & Development
  • Database Design and Business Intelligence Implementation
  • Electronic Commerce
  •  Introduction to Web Site Design
  • Management Information Systems
  • Computer Networks, Security, and Forensics
  • Interactive Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Database Management Systems Design


  • ·       Global Purchasing and Supply Management
  • ·       Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • ·       Writing For Media
  •        Neural Networks
  • ·       Geospatial Information Systems for Organizations
  • ·       Marketing Analytics
  • ·       Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • ·       Marketing Research


Bachelor of Science in Architecture

 Explore fine art through materials, methods, histories, & architecture.

Prepare for a career that allows you to use your creativity and passion for architecture.

How it works

Educate: Learn from the masters

Architecture program at Carielian is as follows: earn the Bachelor of Science in Architecture and pass the A.R.E. (exam) to become architecturally licensed in the U.S.

Experience: Prepare with professional practice                    

The School of Architecture provides a Bachelor of Science in Architecture to achieve an architectural license in the U.S. once the professional exam A.R.E. is passed and construction courses are taken. This is a key component and critical to students’ ability to complete the track within the accelerated time frame.

In the Intern Development Program Carielian students will gain real-world work experience during summer and winter breaks to eventually obtain 3,740 hours of paid experience while completing their B.S. While working the students will put into practice what they are learning in the classroom.

Through focused instruction from faculty, a dedicated resource center, guided study groups and the coaching of expert consultants, Carielian fully supports architectural students as they prepare for and take all sections of the registration exam.

The immersive art and design context at Carielian gives architecture students a competitive advantage as designers. The exposure to art and leading-edge technology produces well-rounded practitioners with excellent graphic skills.

How to Apply for admission.

  • Get started. Apply for Admission to HMHS CU, NOW. We begin in the fall for full-time students.  The academic year is 2 semesters, from August to May.  There’s also a summer semester for those who are really ambitious.
  • Refer to Student Housing and Apply Now. And choose a floor plan from among the Student Residential Halls and for Freshmen & Sophomores.  Or Student Apartments for Juniors & Seniors. To fully experience HMHS Carielian University you are required to complete the first 54 units on-campus, basically your Freshman & Sophomore Years. While your Junior year can be on or off campus where housing is available.
  • Register for Autumn Classes, NOW.
  • If you Graduate you’ll receive your HMHS Carielian University degree: A Bachelor of Liberal Arts (ALB) Degree with optional Major at the annual Commencement Ceremony in May.

Core Curriculum

Foundation studies: 35 hours

  • Drawing I: Form and Space
  • Design I: Elements and Organization
  • Design II: 3-D Form in Space
  • Graphics for the Building Arts
  • Architectural Fundamentals Studio I: Form, Space and Order
  • Architectural Fundamentals Studio II: Site as Design Generator
  • Architectural Fundamentals Studio III: Spatial Relationships and Human Response

General education: 60 hours

Major curriculum: 80 hours

  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Modern Architecture I: 1750-19
  • Modern Architecture II: 19-Present
  • Survey of World Architecture and Urbanism
  • Electronic Design I: Digital Communication for the Building Arts
  • Construction Technology I: Building Materials and Assemblies
  • Architecture Design Studio I: Human-centered Design*
  • Architecture Design Studio II: Site and Environmental Context*
  • Architecture Design Studio III: Structural Applications*
  • Structures: General Structure
  • Construction Technology II: Building Systems and Technologies
  • Environmental Control I: Energy, Climate and Human Comfort
  • Architecture Design Studio IV: Urban Context*
  • Architecture Design Studio V: Capstone I – Research and Schematic Design*
  • Architecture Design Studio VI: Capstone II – Comprehensive Design Development*
  • Environmental Control II: Mechanical, Lighting, Acoustics and Life Safety Systems


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