Directory of Offices

Name Title E-mail
Bronson, Susan  – Office Management Director
Latham, Jonathan- Dir, Boards of Advisors
Williams, Jeanine- Provost                       
Quinly, Cariel – President                          


Offices of Admissions Building – and Administration

To Apply for Admission:

Print and Fill In Apply Form PDF and send as PDF attachment in an email to or deliver to Office of Admissions along with all documents necessary. The Campuses to choose from are as follows:

  • ·       San Jacinto, CA
  • ·       San Jacinto, CA
  • ·       Rancho Bernardo, CA
  • ·       N. County San Diego, CA
  • ·       Malibu, CA
  • ·       Questhaven, CA
  • ·       Winchester, CA
  • ·       Hemet, CA
  • ·       Hemet, CA
  • ·       Temecula, CA

HMHS CU Course Registration

HMHS CU President & Acting Presidents & Chief Officers & Chief Assistants

HMHS CU Chief Secretary of Secretarial

Student Services

Human Resources Coordinator and Managers

Apply for HMHS CU Jobs at Campuses:

HMHS CU  Maintenance and Campus Security Building

HMHS CU Radio Station

HMMS CU Pavilion

Offices at Palm Hall

Male Student Residential Halls are located at Juniper, Fig and Palm Halls –

Female Student Residential Halls are located at Cypress, Oak, Maple and Pine –

Student Life – Palm Office Building

University Mail Services – Palm Office


University Housing, Transportation, Meal Plans, Alumni & Faculty Administration

HMHS CU Library

Library Services Refer to Library

HMHS CU Transportation

HMHS CU University Housing with or without Parking Permit

HMHS CU Faculty Dept, Alumni Dept

Offices at Dining Hall & Skylight Restaurant

University Store

Student Union –

Offices at Wellness & Wisdom Center –

Colleges & Departments

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences ;

College of Business

College of Architecture and Computer Sciences