Carieliin University


Carieliin University is known nationally and internationally and is financially recognized for it’s endowments from huge corporations.

The focus is on the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS of a LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION, aesthetics, ethics, music and theater, as well as, psychology, architecture, business, teaching, and biology. Carieliin University stands apart from the crowd, providing a balance between and physical and higher consciousness while opening the door to an affordable quality education and personal, involved approach to your successful completion of a University Degree.


Carieliin accreditations are as follows: ACCSC, AACSB, Higher Learning Commission (HLC), NAAB, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, NWCCU.  Carieliin has affiliations and joint degree programs with Harvard University, Pepperdine University, and UCLA.

University Housing:

University Residential Hall living is a requirement for full-time Freshmen and Sophomores (under 54 credit units) with the exception of those students living with their parents or responsible legal guardians nearby. Full-time Juniors and Seniors may choose to live on-campus in available University Apartments.

On-campus living enhances the college experience by offering resident students socializing opportunities outside the classroom. Close proximity to campus resources affords resident students the opportunity to become easily involved in campus activities.

Resident students also tend to be very satisfied with their college experience, and are more likely to graduate.

Here’s an example of the larger Carieliin University Campus:

 We are excited to welcome you to the Carieliin University!

General Curriculum Requirements:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Language Writing and Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics

Declaring a Major

By the time students have earned 54 semester hours, they must complete a Major Selection Form and turn it in to the registrar’s office.

There must be at least 18 hours of unique requirements for each major. Some departments may require more than 18 unique hours.


The student doesn’t need to declare a minor selection, however, if they choose to declare a minor they must fill in a form with both the major & minor selection and register it at the registrar’s office to make it official.

Offered Bachelor Degrees with their major concentrations include the following:

  1. Liberal Arts & Sciences
  2. Accounting
  3. Economics
  4. Biology
  5. Business (Entrepreneurship Concentration and additional Business Majors, i.e., Administration, if desired)
  6. Mathematics
  7. Counseling Psychology
  8. Music
  9. English Language & Literature
  10. Philosophy
  11. Ministry
  12. Real Estate
  13. Theatre Arts (includes Speech Communications)
  14. Computer Sciences
  15. Art
  16. Architectural Sciences
  17. Political Science (Governmental International Relationships, if desired)
  18. History


Up to 64 credits from another college may be transferred into an CU degree program. 120 completed credits are required for a Bachelor’s Degree and maintaining an overall C average (2.00 GPA) including the major is required. And in order to receive a bachelor’s degree from Carieliin University a candidate must complete the basic course requirements, meet all departmental requirements for a major concentration and using their own CU student account they apply for a degree completion audit.  And they may attend the annual HMHS CU Commencement to be awarded their official Bachelor’s Degree.

How can I get CU Student Status?

To obtain an CU Student Status send an email with you real name & state your intention to apply, register, study, learn and have access to information (i.e., courses & schedule) :

And once you’ve taken an Internet Course you’re considered an CU Student.  This has advantages in several ways as follows:

  • Learning from anywhere that has Internet
  • Self-paced learning
  • Flexible scheduling
  • More people can participate


Check the required High School Class for entering College Freshmen. Start Your Application Process NOW! The sooner the better.

HMHS CU promotes a liberal arts education

Carieliin approach provides a humanistic, ethical, social, critical, and aesthetic background essential to personal development and professional excellence.

Studies in literature, philosophy, theater, history, social sciences, arts, global relations and languages, foster in students a deeper understanding of themselves and the exciting world in which they live.

Living on-campus you will experience a diverse community of adult learners and magnificent learning environment.

Apply For Admission into a CU Degree Program Status

All freshman applicants must submit the following items:

Application for Admission: Print & fill in the admissions application form Application for CU Admission and send it by email attachment (PDF) to

  • Freshman application fee of $55 ($100 application fee for non-US citizens) is currently being waived.
  • Official SAT or ACT scores

*Note: If you are applying as a freshman for Fall 2018, we no longer require the writing portion of the SAT and ACT.

  • Submit your transcripts and submit all required admission items.
    Go to Offices of Admissions and submit an official copy of all academic transcripts including high school, college/university, and/or GED/HSED. Official transcripts need to be submitted before admission acceptance and before any placement test waivers or transfer credit can be awarded.
    Transcripts must list grades through the conclusion of your junior year, and it must also show your full name and the name of your high school. Please be sure to self-report your senior year schedule and credits on the admissions application. If you have already graduated from high school,  you must request to have your official final high school transcript with your graduation date sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the stated deadlines.


  • Meet your Advisor.
    Call to schedule your appointment and meet with an advisor to review your program of study and the courses you’ll need to complete.




  • Recommended, not required: Guidance counselor evaluation form. This form is automatically emailed to your counselor if you include his or her contact information on your application. Secondary school report forms or counselor evaluation letters sent via Parchment/Naviance or US Mail are acceptable alternatives. US mail is least preferred since it slows processing time. This is a recommended but not required component of your application.   Please note: Letters of recommendation ARE NOT REQUIRED for general university admissions consideration.

It’s never too late to begin preparing for the admittance process.

Freshmen Prerequisites

Learn More About Degree Programs

Growth Is Inevitable

CU Housing – What to expect

There’s a wonderful world ahead for all new residential participants.

For Students:

We are excited to welcome new students into a university residential community!

Student on-campus housing is for undergraduate and graduate students, enrolled in one of our amazing programs. We are excited to welcome the students to our freedom garden for growth in a living residential community!

All full-time freshmen and sophomores (under 54 credit hours) are required to live on-campus & the tuition is cheaper when living on the university campus.

There’s benefit from socializing outside the classroom and learning to take responsibility for choosing university resources and becoming easily involved in university activities. University residential living provides the student with more satisfaction with life and they are more likely to graduate.

CU’s beautiful Residential Halls are for Freshmen and Sophomores. 

The student residential halls have laundry rooms on each floor.  The residential halls share a swimming pool.

The 4 female residential halls are as follows: Azalea – single-occupancy bedroom, Maple-single, Oak-double, & Pine – double; and the 3 male residential halls: Redwood-double, Juniper-Single & Palm-double.

Student Apartments, i.e., Dogwood Apartment with singles, are for Juniors & Seniors who enjoy more independence. They have the option supplying their own washer/dryer in the apartment or doing laundry in the laundry room which is available on each floor.


Dogwood Apartments are for Juniors & Seniors & Graduate Students

The Dogwood Apartments with pictures above have the option of supplying their own washer/dryer in the apartment (on the balcony) or there is a laundry room available at the Meeting House.

As stated above the apartments include: Living and Dining Areas, Kitchen and Balcony and internet, cable TV & telephone jacks. Dual pane windows with mini blinds in bedrooms and 2″ faux wood horizontal blinds in the living room with sliding patio door.

Bedrooms Include: Bed, Desk, Nightstand, Pedestal Mobile Drawers, Stack of Draws & closet for each resident. You can choose from single or double occupancy – refer to price chart on the page below.

Mailboxes are located at the Meeting House.

Dogwood Apartments share a swimming pool with the Redwood Apartments.

The Redwood apartments are for Faculty & Administration.

Redwood Apartment look similar to the Residential Halls structure but are very different inside and comfortable for single families. 

They are 4 Stories High with balconies. They are furnished or unfurnished.

The floor plans include: Living and Dining Areas, Kitchen and Balcony and internet, cable TV & telephone jacks. Dual pane windows with mini blinds in bedrooms and 2″ faux wood horizontal blinds in the living room with sliding patio door.

Bedrooms Include: Bed, Desk, Nightstand, Pedestal Mobile Drawers, Stack of Draws & closet for each resident.

There are 3 floor plans to choose from, as in the picture above, ranging in sizes are from 1020 to 1225 sq. ft.  You can choose from single or double occupancy – refer to price chart on the page below.

Mailboxes are located in the Lobby.


The following are examples of furnishings:

Olive Apartments

For Administrators there’s the Olive Apartments and are furnished or unfurnished, as follows:

4 stories high with balconies.  2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments to choose from, refer to floor plans above.  Includes: Living and Dining Areas, Kitchen with washer/dryers in utility room. Bedrooms Include: Bed, Desk, Nightstand, Chest of Drawers & closet.

The Olive has additional amenities are as follows:

Swimming pool. Washer/dryers. A Meeting House.

Mailboxes are located on the 1st floor near the Lounge, or Lobby.

CU Housing

Includes Student, Administrators, Faculty & Staff Residential Housing– here’s a sampling plan of the different housing:

Apply for University Housing

Reserve your CU housing, ASAP . Or if your a student living with parents or legal guardian off campus near by, request the .  The off-campus student pays a higher tuition.  Talk to a Housing Advisor, because it might be better to live on-campus.

Reserve your housing by Sept 20th, for those applying for the Fall semester and December 15th, for those applying for the Spring semester.

Living in the Carieliin University residential community is a wonderful experience.

Inquiry –

Map of Campuses

We will assign the rooms, ASAP, so that you’ll move into your new home for the academic year immediately. Congratulations!

Once you’ve moved in, the Housing Support Staff ( will help you.

Summary of Expenses for One Semester for Full-Time Student, On-campus living:

Room and Board Double Single Single with private bath























Additional Cost for Books, Supplies & Campus Fees, approximately $1500 per semester.

Undergraduate Student Tuition Fee, Total Academic Year = $3000.

Tuition for full-time student living off-campus is $9000/academic year.

Academic Year – Housing & Tuition In-state: approx. $15000 & Out-of-state: $20000