Pleiades and Sirius Assisting the HMHS and Planetary President

The current state of the human psyche (soul) and humanity’s current consensus reality will appreciate HMHS presence and significance as the creator of a positive magnificent reality which includes life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Some say it began in the Pleiades. Some say Sirius. Both have powerful healing energies which have been assisting us.

In his book, ‘The Hidden Records’, Wayne Herschel points out that not only does Orion’s Belt lead to Sirius,  as well as, in the opposite direction to another special star and the Pleiades.

He explains both ancient Gobekli Tepe and Dogon symbols echo the Sun rising between the the Bull’s horns, Taurus, which is the constellation where the Pleiades is located.

Herschel reveals there are two Sun-like stars in the vicinity of the Pleiades that the ancients believed were very important. Astronomers have already documented that they are like our Sun and hence if there were planets in their vicinity with water, then life as we know would be quite probable there. 

Hershel questions that the Freemason Blazing Star tradition may have confused their Blazing Star with Sirius.

Herschel challenges “everything previously ‘accepted’ on the Dogon tribes in Mali in northwest Africa” and he claims “critical detail was intentionally altered for some reason or other”. He mentions ‘The Sirius Mystery’ by Robert Temple and he says, “Now scholars have realised the whole Sirius theory is so completely off track.”

Constellation Orion rising behind the rooftops of a village in East Java, Indonesia, via Martin Marthadinata. In this photo, the star Sirius isn't visible ... but you can see that Orion itself has some bright stars, plus its prominent Belt of 3 stars.

September 13, 2016 – The current of air flow atwormhole-blackhole the antarctic south pole (clockwise) and arctic north pole (counter clockwise) have been accelerating over the last several months.

Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that bright auroras were observed on both Sept. 11th and 12th.  Frank Olsen’s photo on right.

Ole Salomonsen photographed the photo below from the window of an airplane just before sunrise in Norway: